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Summer rose cordial gin and tonic

by empirevital

If you are looking for something to put a zing in your Friday celabrations look no further. Help has arrived. This rose cordial gin and tonic will brighten up your weekend. It is a sure way help you relax and cool down on a hot Summer’s day. The red color makes me want to celebrate an early Valentine’s day – any reason to make this beautiful drink and one for your sweetheart too. For all my readers that are going into Winter season, save this recipe – this one will be great for your summer holidays still to come.

How to make a great gin and tonic:

Start with adding ice to a beautiful glass. Pour one shot of gin over the ice and then add a little fruit juice or fruit syrup of your choice. I bought a bottle of rose cordial syrup from Moroccan House Rooftop Café in Pretoria. It really is a sweet delight! Finally top up with your favorite tonic water. I used Fitch and Leedes pink sugar-free tonic water. They really have a great variety and you are sure to find a mixer you love. Finally add your best loved garnishes. Thyme is one of my favorites but mint, lemon or grapefruit will also taste delicious in this coctail. If it rocks your boat, and for that extra special effect, decorate your rose cordial gin and tonic with edible flowers and/or frozen rasberries as well.

Interesting facts about gin:

  • The Quinine in tonic apparantly helps to keep mosquitos at bay. Soldiers used to drink the tonic water with gin to mask the bitter taste of the tonic that was supposed to protect them from these pesky insects. So drink up boys and girls if you are Moz’s favorite food source.
  • Lemon zest makes for a better choice of garnish than lemon slices. The zest releases far more of the fragrant citrus oils that pair so well with gin.
  • Ice is an important ingredient in your G & T. Use big ice blocks that will not melt too fast and leave your coctail watery.
  • South-Africa hosts more than 65 gin distillers and around 135 different local craft gins on the South-African market.

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Rose cordial gin and tonic.

Refreshing, cool rose cordial gin and tonic.

Keyword Gin and tonic,

Prep Time 5 minutes


Keyword Gin and tonic,

Prep Time 5 minutes


  1. Add ice to a glass

  2. Pour the rose cordial syrup over the ice

  3. Add the tot of gin to the glass.

  4. Pour in the tonic water.

  5. Add the garnishes and frozen raspberries

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